About the City

Dvaraka is a 28-hectare settlement in Kaišiadorys district, surrounded by forests and castle mounds, and flanked by the Neris and Žiežmara rivers. The aim of this settlement is to give people every opportunity to calm down, to recover from illnesses, to free themselves from addictions and, above all, to understand their spiritual nature.

Dvaraka community will focus on socially vulnerable groups, and the settlement will include an orphanage, a retirement home, and a mental health centre.


To build a city that will help promote spirituality and healthy living, not only in Lithuania, but across Europe.


To build a Dvaraka city that will be world-famous as a centre of spirituality and health in Europe.

Dvaraka Miesto Planai

We aim to create a city that would expand not only spirituality, but also health.

City Objects

  • Yoga Center

  • Ayurveda Clinic

  • Psychiatric Help Center

  • Place of residence

  • Hotel

  • Temple

  • Events Square

  • Home for the elderly

  • University of Vedic Culture

  • Craft Center

  • Pasture

Ongoing Works

A group of architects have created a visualisation of the future city of Dvaraka and its territories.

Another group of architects designed an educational zone for children – the Children’s City educational base and planned its territory. Playgrounds, cleaning facilities.

Preparations are underway for the construction of the retirement home – analysing the most appropriate engineering technologies, finding an architectural solution and calculating the cost estimate.

Preparations are underway for the introduction of water boreholes, electricity and wastewater treatment plants.

City sponsorship

The construction of the city is supported by personal donations. Also, all our projects – we have set up several social business groups such as Vaišravana and Baladeva to distribute our products and provide services – are used to build the town of Dvaraka, to develop and maintain the infrastructure, to train people, and to create new jobs.

If you would like to contribute to the growth of Vedic city with your activities, knowledge or support, we look forward to hearing from you.
Let’s build Dvaraka together!

Dvaraka Miesto Projekto Dokumentai

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