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About the Temple

In ancient times, any city was built starting with a temple. The construction of the city of Dvaraka is based on the same principle. The center and mainstay of the city of Dvaraka is the Dvaraka Temple. We need a temple where we can breathe, create, forgive, apologize, recover, rethink, change and rise above the material everyday life that does not give us any peace every day. Such a place in Lithuania will be the city temple of Dvaraka.

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Spreading spiritual knowledge and harmony of life is our mission.

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The mission of Dvaraka City Temple is to tell people that they are spiritual beings - souls - and that their true home is the spiritual world. To help people develop a personal relationship with the Supreme. To teach people not to be afraid of death and to introduce them to the laws of reincarnation and karma. To create conditions for people to transform their consciousness so that the desire to love others and accept themselves will appear in their hearts. To help people overcome attachments to alcohol, drugs, cigarettes, lust, any kind of abuse towards others and towards themselves. To help people find and know themselves.

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Becoming a center of spiritual education in Lithuania is our vision.

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Dvaraka City Temple is a place where we will learn kindness, forgiveness, piety, sincerity, humility, patience, self-knowledge as a soul and human being, detachment from all addictions and overcoming egoism. Learning to love one another through service to the Supreme and to one another is the essence of the Dvaraka Temple vision. The Dvaraka Temple is dedicated to the rapprochement and cooperation of all people. Dvaraka Temple is open to people from all over the world irrespective of nationality, race and religious beliefs.

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Sponsorship of the temple

The construction of the temple is supported by personal donations. Also, all our projects – we have established several social business groups such as Vaišravana and Baladeva, which distribute their products and provide services – are used to build the Dvaraka temple, develop and maintain the infrastructure, train people, and create new jobs.

If you would like to contribute to the growth of the temple with your activities, knowledge or support, we would be happy to hear from you.
Let’s build Dvaraka together!


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