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Welcome to Dvaraka

The Capital of Spirituality

The city of Dvaraka is a modern-day continuation of a city that sunk five thousand years ago, located in western India, on the Arabian Sea.
It is not possible today to reproduce the architecture of five thousand years ago, but it is possible to recreate the spiritual atmosphere that prevailed at that time and brought happiness to all the people who came to the city of Dvaraka at that time. The scriptures indicate that such a city and the entire kingdom also exist in the spirit world. The city of Dvaraka is a place of relationships based on service to each other and to God Himself.
Therefore, we invite all the inhabitants of this world to visit it.

By donating to us, even a small amount of money, you are helping not only to expand spirituality in Lithuania, but you will also receive exclusive privileges yourself.

Dvaraka City

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Help us spread spirituality across Europe.

About Donation

Why Donate?

Help us build a city that promotes spirituality and health.

  • You are helping to Expand Spirituality in Europe

    Help develop a spiritual, virtuous and healthy lifestyle. To make life better for all of us and our children.

  • You get Exclusive Privileges

    Of course, we will be grateful, you will receive exclusive gifts, exclusive invitations to events and an exclusive voice on city decisions.

Dvaraka City

What Can You Expect?

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Sužinokite apie įvairias žmonių prigimtis ir suraskite savo pašaukimą.

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Apsilankykite jogos, rytų medicinos ir masažo pamokose. Kur galėsite susitikti su šių sričių specialistais.

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Pamatykite indiškos kultūros miestą Europoje! Apžiūrėkite statinius, architektūrą ir kitus objektus.

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Check out our Amazing City Plans

City construction design photos, drawings, planned buildings and more.


Check out our Amazing City Plans

City construction design photos, drawings, planned buildings and more.

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