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Anantara Das

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Travel to India with Anantara-Das

About the Trip

Dear reader,

If you want to discover yourself, transform your consciousness, visit holy places at least once in your life, experience miracles, bathe in holy waters, burn bad karma, reach a place where wishes come true, defeat fears and death, get rid of complexes and see a different world, then this trip is for you .

I invite you to travel to three magical Indian cities: Varanasi, Tirupati and Vrindavan from February 7 to 21.


Date and Time

From February 7d. until 21d.



Varanasi, Tirupati ir Vrindavan


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Memories From Past Travels

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- You will buy various souvenirs and gifts.
- You will buy natural spices.
- You will buy natural incense.
- You will buy a natural perfume that suits you.
- You will buy original clothes.
- You will determine the constitution of your body and learn about your health status, and if you wish, you will purchase medicine to treat a specific disease.
- If you want, you can make your own personal horoscope.

- You will learn to open your heart, hear and accept other people.
- You will learn to relax.
- You will learn to get rid of some of your complexes.
- You can get rid of some addictions (alcohol, smoking, drugs).
- You will learn patience, humility, peace, simplicity, compassion and kindness.
- You will start to appreciate this life, your home and loved ones.
- You will start to accept yourself if you were dissatisfied with yourself.
- You will learn to plan your day and follow a daily routine.

- You will see and be in the places where God Himself was born, lived and played His games on this Earth.
- You will see the play locations of various demigods.
- You will be in the places of the lives of the saints.
- You will learn how to pray realistically.
- You will learn yoga exercises.
- You will learn to meditate and repeat mantras.
- You will be able to turn to God Himself in a special place so that he fulfills one of your special requests.
- You will burn a lot of your negative karma (sinful deeds) in holy places and during yagya.
- You will return home with a different attitude towards life, yourself and those around you.


February 7 we meet at Vilnius airport and fly to Delhi.
February 7 people living in foreign countries fly to Delhi from the airports of their countries and we meet at the Delhi airport.

February 8 from Delhi we fly to Varanasi and stay in a hotel there.

February 8 - 10:
Bathing in the holy river Ganges.
Confidence of sunrise on the river Ganges, in a boat.
Swimming in the holy river Ganges.
Watching how people who have left this world are escorted on their last journey (cremation). Those who do not wish may not observe these rituals.
Excursion to the sari weaving rooms.
Visiting the Shiva temple.
Tour of Varanasi ghats.
Visiting temples.
Excursion to the palace of the Raja (Ruler).
Excursion to a perfume manufacturing house.
Varanasi lassi tasting.
Excursion through the markets of Varanasi.
Participation in the ceremony of Pujas - sacrifices on the banks of the Ganges in the evenings.
Daily lectures and consultations.
If possible, yoga classes every day.

February 11
Flight to Tirupati.
Accommodation in a hotel in Tirupati.

February 12
Visiting an ISKCON temple.
Excursion to Chandragiri Palace and Fort.

February 13
Pilgrimage on foot to the deity Balaji.
Submitting your desire to the deity Balaji.

February 14
Visiting Tirupati National Park
Visiting temples
If possible, yoga classes every day.

February 15
Flight from Turupati to Delhi.
Journey from Delhi to Vrindavan.
Accommodation in a hotel.

February 16
Pilgrimage on foot around Vrindavan.
Excursion to Loi Bazar.
Visit and consultation with an Ayurvedic doctor.
Visiting Krishna Balarama Temple.

February 17
Pilgrimage on foot around Mount Govardhan (24 km) If you cannot walk around Mount Govardhan, you can take a rickshaw.
Visiting the temples of Vrindavan.

February 18
Travel to Mathura and visit the main temple.
Journey to Gokula, where Krishna lived.
Swimming on the river Yamuna.
Evening Kirtan at Krishna Balarama Temple.

February 19
Excursion to Taj Mahal.
Excursion to the goshal and measuring of cows.
Visiting Radha Damodara Temple.

February 20
Parikrama around Vrindavan.
Fire ritual - Yagiya.
Shopping for souvenirs and goods before heading back home.
If possible, yoga classes every day.

February 21

Journey home.

The details of the programs may change according to the wishes of the participants or when a visited center is not operating.

If there is time reserve, it will be possible to visit other famous places of each city.

How to register?

You register through this website by clicking on the link - Registration.
Or you can apply via email: anantarainfo@gmail.com.
As soon as you register or write a letter, we will contact you and answer all your questions.

Who is Anantara Das?

Anantara das is first and foremost a human being 😊
Anantara das - Vedic philosopher, Brahmin (celebrant) preacher and consultant.
For more than 10 years, Anantara das has been traveling to India with various groups 3-4 times a year to visit holy places, the Himalayas or body cleansing and healing centers.
Anantara das advises people on material, psychological and spiritual issues.
Anantara das lectures can be found on Yuutube or Facebook channels: Anantara das - Vedas for all.
You can always personally write a question or request to Anantara das at his email: anantarainfo@gmail.com.


The price is 2600€ which includes:

- Flight to India and back.
- Domestic flights in India.
- Transportation from the airport to the hotel and back.
- Accommodation in hotels.
- Feeding twice a day.
- Yoga lessons.

Travel to India with Anantara Das

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